Agile Fielding and Hitting

Agility — the ability of an athlete to move into the correct position to accomplish a task, with the utmost speed and balance — is essential to fielding, hitting, and the transformation of a hitter into a base runner. Our three-hour clinic Agile Fielding and Hitting emphasizes the vital role of agility in defensive and offensive baseball, helping players focus on and incorporate sound movement into their actions as players. We teach footwork, timing, positioning, focus, and proper transitions from one step to the next, leading to soundness in the fundamentals of the game. This clinic will cover large movements as well as small, ranging from gaining ground to intercept a hard hit ground ball to footwork around a base to rapid transfers from glove to throwing hand in order to stop a base runner’s advance. Students will learn proper warm-up techniques and drills for improving quickness and speed; sound, athletic positions; and minimizing wasted movement in defensive plays.


Ages 9 to 18: Mar 18 (Thurs) / 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Players will be divided into groups based on age and/or skill level.


Field 8, Magnolia Baseball Association Youth Sports Complex, 31719 Sugar Bend Dr, Magnolia TX 77355 [map].


The cost for this three-hour clinic is $80 per player.